Surface: Decorated 1

No matter where you are in the world, someone will have covered a flat surface with some form of decoration, carving or graffiti.  From the grandest palace to the humblest corner on the street we seem to have an innate desire to fill a void – a horror vacui.

I seem to have a desire to photograph as much of these surfaces as possible if my photograph collection is anything to go by.  Whilst sorting through the pictures, which has been a pretty mammoth task to date, I was saving to a new folder all kinds of pictures of decorative schemes, with the view to posting a few here.

As it turned out, there are enough to do a couple of posts so today is the first selection.  I have been fairly strict in the criteria.  In essence the decorative scheme has to be an integral part of the place or designed specifically for the location.  It can be any surface medium, so paint, fresco, carving, stone work or as you can see from the picture in Sydney, a light show specifically designed for the cathedral.  I also “applied” the rule that if the work was to be removed and there would be no material damage or loss to the surface, then it didn’t get through – so sculpture placed in front of a wall, for example, didn’t make the cut.

Why so restrictive.  Firstly because of the number of pictures which had ended up in the folder – I needed to put some structure to it to make the selection manageable!  Secondly, because there are also other selections, such as detached sculpture and tapestries that I decided to save for another post.

The locations are varied – this really is a global style of artwork.  The mediums used are varied too, but each one adds something to the surface far more than detracts.

Enjoy the gallery and as always, comments welcome.


A long-term British expat - 18 years and counting

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3 comments on “Surface: Decorated 1
  1. […] mentioned in the previous post about wall and surface decoration, I have literally hundreds of pictures of this kind.  The same […]

  2. BookOfBokeh says:

    Some tough shots to pull off, especially the Sydney lights! Well done!

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