Tapestries from Hampton Court

After a few more busy days working to pull together more plans for the planned wanderings, I found time today to edit some more pictures for the wall coverings theme of the last few posts.  Today is a collection of tapestries from Hampton Court, dating from both Tudor and later baroque periods.

Many years ago I was lucky enough to see an exhibition which used light projection to recreate the colour of the tapestries on display as they would have looked to the original owners.  It was fascinating to see just how bright and bold the colours were, rather than the faded, muted tapestries we see today.  In editing the pictures I have taken a few liberties to highlight the pictures, but make no claim that the colours are anything other than my own preference.  Any textile historians reading this, forgive me!

All of the pictures were taken in a recent trip to Hampton Court and are a selection of larger sections of tapestry right down to details.  It is worth noting the scale of the tapestries – one of the pictures shows me against the wall – and understanding the sheer size of the things.  Also, the detailing and skill of the weaving is phenomenal – these were royal tapestries after all.  The quality and texture of details can be seen in the detail of a head in one of the pics.  Texture and shapes are brought to life with cross-hatching and shading in the colours and design.

As always, enjoy the pictures and am always happy for feedback.


A long-term British expat - 18 years and counting

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