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Christmas in July

For anyone who lives in the southern hemisphere, celebrating Christmas is done in the warm embrace of high summer.  lt conjures up the image of the barbie on the beach with shrimps, snags and steaks sizzling away. As it is

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Orchids in Asia

Orchids – one of the things that was always amazing about living in South-East Asia. They grow everywhere and bring colour and glamour to many otherwise drab locations, even my garden. I had the ability to kill just about any

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A little bark

With a bit of time on my hands recently, I have been sorting through some of the thousands of photographs that I have stored on various hard drives scattered around the place.  It started out as an attempt to clean

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Whatever the weather

In a week, I head back to Europe for a few months.  The period of impatience has arrived, when you just want to be heading to the airport and setting off, getting on the way to the destination.  Final arrangements

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I live here…

It has been a busy two weeks for me with the new project kicking off in earnest and lots of social events, birthdays and general dinners and drinks.  It was also Mardi Gras at the weekend, but most people I

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After publishing my last post I started reading the blogs that I follow (it is raining after all!) and came across this one.   So am reblogging it as a perfect reply to my post about language, but from someone

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It’s only words

I have known the friends I am staying with in Adelaide for about 14 years – I used to work with C when I first moved to Asia in 2000 and met his wife, JM, not long afterwards.  They are

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Today I was told that a friend had died.  It was, it seems, completely unexpected and happened quickly.  He leaves behind a young son and his partner – someone I have known for about 14 years and is indeed the

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Question time?

Over dinner at the weekend, a friend asked me a simple question, to which I gave a simple answer at the time.  Over the last few days however the question has been playing in my head and a number of

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Travel Plans

Every expat visits their home turf at some point.  Well, up to now.  I suppose that the people who end up on Mars will find it a bit harder to nip home for a weekend.  But in general some form

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