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Surface: Decorated 1

No matter where you are in the world, someone will have covered a flat surface with some form of decoration, carving or graffiti.  From the grandest palace to the humblest corner on the street we seem to have an innate

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A little bark

With a bit of time on my hands recently, I have been sorting through some of the thousands of photographs that I have stored on various hard drives scattered around the place.  It started out as an attempt to clean

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Steps, stairs and stairways

  The last few days have involved a lot of steps and it struck me that humble steps and staircases are often under-appreciated.  We use them every day, be it a single step or a hundred, inside or outside.  We

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Snakes Alive!

The last few days in Sydney for a while and the place has certainly been doing it’s best to make a mark. The weather has been spectacular – apart from the two almighty thunder storms we had over the weekend.

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It was a big storm…

For those of you who follow me on Facebook, you know that I mentioned sheltering from a storm that crossed the city today (and had a rather good glass of Pinot Grigio) If you haven’t seen the storm I was

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I live here…

It has been a busy two weeks for me with the new project kicking off in earnest and lots of social events, birthdays and general dinners and drinks.  It was also Mardi Gras at the weekend, but most people I

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Evening Magic

Today has been one of those horribly humid February days we often have in Sydney.  This year we seem to have escaped the worst of it, but I suppose that we had to have at least one day at 90%

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The wood for the trees

One of the things that has always fascinated me is the way that the Australian landscape is familiar to the European eye, but when viewed more closely (or critically) becomes much more strange than you could imagine.  One of the

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Keeping an eye out

When I was walking home from a meeting yesterday, as it was raining I took a shortcut that my friends had told me about a couple of days ago. Getting the feeling that I was being watched, I spotted this

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Of suburbs and spiders

The move is done.  Most of my possessions are sitting in a storage facility.  The rest have been sold, given away, thrown away or are currently being sifted through to determine their fate.  Credulous friends and colleagues raise a querying

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